I used to love road trips…

I spent all of yesterday driving Zed back down to Ilwaco, WA so he could finish out the black cod season.  For those of you that don’t know, black cod is a very rich oily fish also called sable fish and is long lined.  Zed’s boat has been fishing off the Olympic Peninsula for the last couple months and currently at the mouth of the Columbia River.

After two days off due to bad weather, Zed had to return to the boat, so my day went: Woke up at 5:30am (not happily).  Drove many hours.  Dropped off Zed.  Drove many hours home.  Got back at 10pm!

It is amazing how much having children changes everything.  I used to like driving and a one day trip wouldn’t have been a big deal.  Two children later and I would rather get a root canal  than take a road trip.  Bathroom breaks at EVERY rest area!  Vomiting (one of them gets car sick).  Screaming, so much screaming (“stop driving mama” and “let me out of here”).

But, I survived, and Zed should be done in a couple days and I will get a break from being a single parent.  And hopefully he will bring some black cod home with him…


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