Feeling Thankful

For the last week Zed has been doing gear work, getting ready for the Washington Coast Dungeness Crab season.  He’s been down in the harbor every day rigging pots, and for the moment it feels like we have a normal life.  Zed’s working 9 to 5ish kind of days where we can eat breakfast and dinner together as a family.  The harbor is a short 5 minute drive from our house, so he can run home if he needs something, or if I need something (like I did yesterday when our pipes burst in our garage).

For the next month I can try to delude myself into feeling like a normal wife with a normal husband that comes home every night.  But, no matter how hard I ignore it, there will always be a nagging feeling of dread in the back of my mind as the opening day of the season creeps closer and closer.  This feeling of impending doom will linger because I know that opening day always comes much to quickly, and I will once again be on my own.

But I must say, the weeks and months that we spend apart really make the time we have together special.  That is what I try to focus on.  And that is what I am thankful for today… every moment we get to spend together as a family.


What do you think?

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