Late season=Christmas on a budget

Washington coast dungeness crab season is going to start a little later than we expected…  This is good because it means Zed will be home longer, but it also means that we have to wait that much longer before getting paid.  We are going to have to stretch our budget a little bit, no more eating out, and we have to get creative for the holiday season.  Homemade cards and gifts are always more appreciated anyway.  I made flour and salt “clay” today that we are going to shape into ornaments, bake, and paint.

Winter is a wonderful time to stay home, drink spiced cider, make cookies, play games and get crafty.  Those are my favorite holiday memories from childhood, doing projects and making things together.  Opening presents on Christmas morning was fun, of course, but it was the preparation for the holidays that really mattered.

I’m actually looking forward to not spending money this Christmas, and focusing on enjoying the company of my family and friends and eating lots of good food.  Let’s just hope our bank account can hold out until the crab season starts…


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