Gettin it done

Zed’s been down in the harbor every day getting the dungie gear ready for the upcoming season.  They are working long days in hopes of getting it all done and taking some time off before the season starts.

Zed with a pot

Ahmani with a pot

I guess that’s what fishing’s all about, right?  Work ridiculously hard now so you can enjoy yourself later.  That seems to be the story of our life… we are all miserable when Zed is fishing, but then he comes home and we can have uninterrupted family time.  I think it’s worth it… I think…

Since we live a couple minutes from the harbor, sometimes I’ll bring the guys coffee or lunch.  The kids like to go “help” their dad move stuff around in the locker.  This time I just took some pictures of them working.

Remo with a pot

stacks of pots

hanging corks, ready to go


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