Peace and Salmon

This time of year, in the Pacific Northwest, sunny days are few and far between.  We take advantage of them when they come, which is why Zed took the afternoon off from rigging crab pots and took the kids on a hike.  As a result, I got the afternoon off from the kids and took advantage of the weather by sitting in a patch of sun, on the couch by the window, with a cup of coffee.  Even more rare than sunshine in this house is quiet, so I took advantage of that too.  Sun+coffee+magazine+quiet=heaven!

Then I actually had time to make a leisurely dinner of sockeye salmon, baking it slowly in the oven (at 250 degrees F) with a pan of water under it.  I frequently overcook salmon (it happens so fast!) and it ends up really dry, but this method keeps the salmon moist and soft.  As a salmon topping, I like to mix butter with lemon zest, mustard, dill and capers, and a little salt and pepper.  When the salmon comes out of the oven, put a chunk of the butter mixture on top and it melts all over the fish like a sauce.  It has become one of my favorite ways to do salmon.

A quiet afternoon, followed by a nice dinner…  it’s been a good day.


Thanks to Thom McLaughlin for the water pan salmon method.  Thanks to Martha for the original recipe for the butter:


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