The Final Days

Well, the time I’ve been dreading has finally arrived, despite my attempts to forget about it…  CRABBING TIME!  Today was Zed’s last day off.  Tomorrow he works all day in the harbor, getting the boat ready and getting bait and groceries, then they will probably leave in two days for Neah Bay, on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

Last night the boys helped Zed rig bait bags at home.  They love helping their dad with his work projects, even if it’s just taking the rubber bands off the bait bags.

Atticus and Larkyn get to work

Today a friend of ours stopped by with four big dungeness crabs, fresh off the boat!  His boat had just delivered after driving up from Oregon.  I guess the price is better up here, lucky for us.  These were the first dungeness I’ve had since last season and they were wonderful.  We boiled all of them (10 minutes) with lemons, onions, salt and spices, then Zed made a butter sauce with lots of garlic, saffron, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and thyme.  We left two plain, then cracked the legs of the other two and poured the sauce all over them and roasted them in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  Both versions were delicious, although I think I preferred the ones that were only boiled, because the crab meat is so flavorful on its own.  Zed liked the sauced ones better, because of the added flavors.

I thoroughly stuffed myself and now I will get off the computer so I can spend some time with my husband.  We don’t have much time left!


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