And They’re Off!

My husband is gone, and I don’t know when I’ll see him again.  I am faced with this fact every time he leaves to go fishing (which is quite often) but it never gets any easier.

The boat, F/V Pacific Hustler, took off to Neah Bay (on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula) with the rest of the crew while Zed drove the work truck down with a trailer full of crab pots.  I would have taken some photos of the boat leaving, stacked high with pots, but they left the harbor at three in the morning!  I am not THAT hardcore of a blogger, sorry.  The boat picked up Zed in Neah Bay then headed out off the coast to drop their pots.  Zed called me a couple hours ago to say they made it back to Neah Bay and were going to take a nap before heading out with another load of pots.

We are hoping Zed will be able to take photos with Ahmani’s Canadian phone (because they are fishing close to the Canadian border) and send them to me from the boat.  We’ll see how this works out… I’ll be posting photos as I get them.

The 2011 Washington Coast Dungeness Crab Season has begun!  Lets hope everyone stays safe and makes lots of money!


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