Dungeness Crab Trip #1 a Success!

Zed and Remo haul a pot

The first trip of the season: Done!  Off to a pretty good start, the F/V Pacific Hustler delivered their first load of crab yesterday in Blaine, WA.  They had a slow first couple days and one of the guys got pretty sea-sick, but overall it was a good trip.

I love it when they deliver up here, because I get to see my husband!  It was a brief visit, but better than when he crabbed in the Bering Sea and I wouldn’t see him for FOUR MONTHS at a time.  They left this morning to do it all again.  Hopefully they’ll be back in a week with another full load!

Last, but not least... coming home with a full load... what a beautiful sight!


5 thoughts on “Dungeness Crab Trip #1 a Success!

  1. Oh! So excited for you! Those dungies look marvelous! Thanks so much for doing the hard work and getting Dungeness Crab to our local markets! You will leave some for us who go recreational crabbing up here, won’t you? lol…Good job! Keep up the good work, God speed and be safe!

  2. Great pics and report! I haven’t been able to do that yet because I got strict orders: No Pics and No Reports on the blog!!! For a little while at least. Lol.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to give any specifics, just a vague report of success.
      Is that professional photographer going out on the Vis this season? His pictures that you posted from last time were phenomenal! I’m looking forward to seeing new photos!

  3. You know, the photographer did go out! He flew in and went out on that very first trip when the weather was horrific. I guess he got really seasick but G thought he got some good shots. I can’t wait to see them either! I am so tired tonight and my head is killing me. I think I’ll move bedtime this evening from 9 pm to 8 pm, lol!

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