Good Crabbin’: Bad Weather

The F/V Pacific Hustler steamed out of Bellingham this morning and is on its way back to the coast for trip number 5 (? I admit I’ve kind of lost count).

Here are some photos from their last trip, which started out really stormy.  It was so stormy, they had to shut down the boat and drift, which meant they were bobbing around like a sad little cork for something like 30 hours.  Blechhh.  Needless to say, they all got sick (except Remo, who claims he never gets sea sick).  Luckily no damage was done and when the storm died down, they were able to get busy and fill up the boat in a few days.  Then another storm came up while they were in town delivering, so they got to stay a few extra days until it cleared up.  Sometimes bad weather is a good thing!

Now that they’re back on the water, I’ll wish for good weather, that the crabs keep coming, and the prices keep going up.  At this time in the season things usually start to slow down, but this has been an unusually good season, so hopefully they can keep up the pace a little while longer!  Good luck guys!




One thought on “Good Crabbin’: Bad Weather

  1. Ah, these are great pictures!!! I love what you wrote about the bad weather, too. I LIVE for the bad weather! Not just the dreary yucky rain…but the full-on storms like you’ve described. Bad weather means a trip into port for me or a trip out of port for G! 🙂

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