And then we were three…

In the week since I last posted, Zed finished up his last dungeness crab trip, spent a whole five days at home, and then left this morning to start the black cod/halibut season on the F/V Tribute out of Seward, AK.  After waking up at 4am, and driving two hours through rain and snow, we said a sad goodbye to Zed at the Sea-Tac airport before he flew off to Alaska.  This time he’ll be gone anywhere from two to three months.  On the same boat last year it took three months for them to catch all their quota, but this year they have less quota, so we are hoping it will go quicker (please, please, please, let it be two months this year!).

Two or three months is a long time for our boys to be away from their dad and I had plenty of time to dwell on this during the two hour drive back home.  This fishing lifestyle is so difficult for all of us, and I often wonder if it’s really worth it.  We have a good sized house in a nice neighborhood next to a good school.  Fishing allows us to provide our kids with a great environment to grow up in… but does all that matter when our family is always separated?  Zed feels like he’s missed out on a lot of their childhood and I think we are both tempted sometimes to just sell the house and cars and start over with less debt and less stress.

Well, hopefully we’ll have a great black cod/halibut season this year so we can take some time off to relax.  I think this dreary Washington winter is starting to get to me, because I’ve been spending a lot of time fantasizing about a sunny vacation somewhere!  Mexico perhaps…  margaritas on the beach…  yep, I think it’s a must!

File:20050103-Ixtapa Playa Linda.jpg

Yes! That's where I want to be!


2 thoughts on “And then we were three…

  1. Like…Double Like…Agree…I’m feeling ya, sister!! On all counts!!

    We are taking our first vacation in four years right before G leaves for the halibut/blackcod season. We are spending two solid weeks in Hawaii and I cannot wait. I’m so sick of this dreary yucky weather!!!

    • Wow. Two weeks in Hawaii! That sounds amazing, I am so jealous! Zed didn’t get any time off in between seasons (5 days) but we might be able to go somewhere warm after halibut/blackcod (please, please, please!).

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