Alaska Halibut Fishing Update

Seward, Alaska

The halibut/blackcod season is underway in Alaska, so I figured it was time to give a Zed Update.  He flew up to Seward about two and a half weeks ago to get the boat (F/V Tribute) ready.  They completed their first trip this weekend and did pretty well, but the most exciting part is that they are getting a great price for their fish!

Zed didn’t have time to take any photos while he was fishing, it’s too hectic and fast paced to pick up a camera, but he took some photos while they were delivering…

Since Zed had some free time up there before fishing started, he decided to check out the town of Whittier, Alaska….. and explore it’s abandoned military complex….  CREEPY!!!

Zed’s boat won’t be fishing again for a few days, so Zed is essentially on vacation in Homer right now.  As he gets ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with his friends, I am sick at home with the kids by myself… and trying not to sound bitter!  But I can honestly say, I will not be envying him in a few days when he’s fishing in the snow and ice…  no, I don’t think I’d trade places with him!


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