Japan’s Fishing Industry Takes Another Blow

This morning I was listening to this edition of All Things Considered on NPR, Japan’s Fishing Families Struggle to Stay Afloat, and I felt I needed to at least acknowledge the tragic situation that so many Japanese fishing families are in…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Japan’s fishermen and their families since the March 11th earthquake and tsunami that destroyed fishing fleets up and down Japan’s coast.  Families that have fished for many generations are left devastated, without the resources to rebuild.  What are these families going to do now?  This is such a huge blow to a centuries-old tradition and way of life.

File:US Navy 110320-N-OB360-166 An aerial view of ships washed ashore and overturned at a port near the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima Air Base.jpg

Vessel and facilities damage at the port of Ishinomaki near Matsushima Air Field

And if this wasn’t tragic enough, fishermen are now facing a double blow as fears of nuclear contamination are preventing many from consuming Japanese seafood.  So now the fishermen who survived the tsunami with boats intact don’t have a market for their catch.

Read more about it in the LA Times, Japan nuclear crisis: Japan’s fishing industry hit hard by nuclear crisis – latimes.com.

I just hope that as Japan recovers, they assist fishing families in rebuilding their lives and their boats.


One thought on “Japan’s Fishing Industry Takes Another Blow

  1. Oh, I’m so with you, Robin. Tragedies for fishermen anywhere around the globe resonate with us, don’t they? Going to be a long, heart-breaking road…

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