Halibut/Blackcod Trip #2 for F/V Tribute

The second Halibut and Blackcod trip of the season has been completed on the F/V Tribute!  They were back in Seward day before yesterday delivering their catch, and getting a great price for it too, I might add.

It’s always nice being able to talk to my honey on the phone while the boat is in port.  We usually talk a few times a day and the kids and I have fun sending him photos on my phone, and Zed sends us fishing pictures so we can see what he’s been up to.  Zed emailed me these photos that he took on their last trip…

Glenn at the rail

Augie and Will baiting hooks

Shane with a blackcod

Ron with a freshly caught blackcod

A porpoise in the sunset

The whole crew at work

Will and Shane

Will and Ron gutting halibut

Shane, his son Gunnar "the deck boss", Ron, and Will


4 thoughts on “Halibut/Blackcod Trip #2 for F/V Tribute

  1. Wonderful pics. I’m glad to hear about the price! Love Gunnar the Deck Boss! How old is he? Our Vincent (3) is dying to get on the boat with Daddy!!

    • Gunnar is 7, but he only comes to help out when the boat is in the harbor. Our Atticus is 4 and he LOVES going down to the harbor with Dad and helping out. He talks about it for months afterward. We have some really cute pictures of him down in the hold, shoveling ice with his boots on…

  2. Thanks you just reminded me of my next job…..cut 2000 ganions and tie them. 🙂
    That is the job that comes after work. We have no idea what is going to happen down here with the Catch Shares and the black cod quotas. In our area the Nature Conservancy owns 13 permits and needs to divest. we are trying to keep the quota in the community.
    Tell your guys to stay safe on the big pond.

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