The (Almost) Triumphant Fisherman Returns

Well, he only returns for a week, which is why he isn’t fully triumphant.  Zed is almost done with the Alaska halibut/blackcod season- just one more trip to go-but they can’t start their last trip till next week.  Instead of staying in Alaska and facing freezing temperatures and $20 hamburgers, he decided to fly home for the week.  The kids and I were so excited driving down to Seattle to pick up Dad from the airport!  It’s been 6 weeks since the boys saw their dad, and six weeks is a LONG time to a little kid.  And 6 weeks is a REALLY LONG time time for a mother to be alone with those little kids!  Anyway, we are happy to have him home…

Here are some photos he took recently:


bringing in a blackcod

bleeding the fish


Shane coiling gear

Sperm whale tail!

Two whales spouting in the sunset

Zed and the whales


2 thoughts on “The (Almost) Triumphant Fisherman Returns

  1. Oh, good news on the mid-season reunion! I’m so impressed with Zed’s pictures – you post the BEST action shots! Bummer about the whales… I’d heard they were ready and waiting as soon as the season opened. Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying some wonderful family time!

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