The Crabbing Continues!

I realize that my posting has slowed down over the last couple weeks, but for me that’s a good thing.  The reason I haven’t been writing as much is because Zed has actually been home!  Well, he is still crabbing on the coast, but he’s only on the boat for a few days then he’s home for a few days.  Not a bad schedule compared to what we’re used to, not bad at all.  So we’ve been so busy doing family activities and working on our house, that I haven’t had any time for writing.

The Blue Family at Boulevard Park

We have been having lots of fun with Dad home…  I know it looks like Larkyn is pissed off in this picture, but really we had a nice rainy walk at Boulevard Park (lot’s of puddles to stomp in!).  We watched Zed unload new crab pots off a truck with a fork lift (that might not sound exciting to everyone, but the boys love the fork lift).  We went on the Downtown Bellingham first Friday art walk.  Zed and I actually went on a date Saturday night, and then we had a nice Mother’s Day brunch yesterday morning before sending Zed back to Neah Bay for another dungeness crab trip.  It’s never fun saying goodbye, but it’s a hell of a lot easier knowing he will be back in a few days…

Zed unloading a shipment of brand new crab pots

Amazingly, the dungeness crab season on the Washington coast is still chugging along and the prices are higher than ever!  This is very fortunate for us, because this is the year that our 120 year-old fixer-upper house is demanding our attention.  We’ve been putting off some big projects, but if we don’t get the exterior painted this year the siding is going to rot.  And, an addition on our house has a flat roof (in Washington? Really???) that has been leaking for so long that the ceiling is now one rainstorm away from falling in.  So we are very thankful for the extended crab season this year.  Now every time Zed finishes another crab trip, we can afford start another project.  We just hope the season will hold up a little longer (fingers crossed)!

Dora, our "nanny" dog, protects us when Zed is gone

Zed will be home in a few days to deliver their load of crab, and I will make sure to post his latest fishing photos when he gets here.  Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying springtime as much as we are!


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