See the Noble Fisherman at Work

Here he is, my brave husband, risking life and limb to support his family!

These photos were taken recently on the F/V Pacific Hustler, where Zed has been dungeness crabbing off and on all winter and spring.

Jordan setting the gear

Zed setting the gear

Seagulls taking a rest

Zed and Jordan hauling in a pot

Zed measuring a crab

A heavy load

Zed setting the gear

Zed throwing out the line

If you’ve been following my blog, you may have noticed a change in crew members over the last few months.  This is pretty typical for fishing, especially during such a long season.  Even Zed was gone for 6 weeks while he was longlining in Seward, Alaska.  Former crew member Remo is back in his home state of Alaska, longlining out of Sand Point.  Former crew member Ahmani is back running his family’s business, Targo Woods, in Bellingham, WA.

Some new additions to the crew are Jordan, who you can see in some of these photos, and Austin.  Jordan is new to fishing, but he’s doing great and loving it.  Austin is the skipper Al’s son, back to give the family business another shot after the birth of his baby daughter.

Fishermen are blessed with more freedom than most, being able to travel, move from boat to boat, only work part of the year.  But the downside to this is constant uncertainty and lack of security (this part is hard for me, and I’m not even the one fishing!).  Some thrive in this environment, some try it then move on to something else.

We never know what the future will bring, but I suppose that’s just the nature of life.  For now, the season continues!


3 thoughts on “See the Noble Fisherman at Work

  1. LOVE the picture with the seagulls and crab pots!! So glad Zed is back out crabbing and doing so well. I hope G has good luck with the longlining and that it does not take forever. Your post about the changing of boats, etc. was interesting. My dad had the same crew for 20 years until he sold the boat. G has been lucky to have had the same crew for between 6 and 12 years. I always cry when someone says they are leaving! Fortunately, they usually come back! Anyway, your pictures are awesome, as always! My blog is going down for updates this week.

  2. It’s so great when one crew can work together for years! Wow, 2o years with the same crew, those guys must have been like family by then… Well, good luck with your blog Jen, I can’t wait to see the new look!

  3. Thank you! We have been working hard on it. Now that I’ve started the redesign I wish I’d done it a long time ago, ha ha. Isn’t that always the way with everything, though? The crew is definitely like family, for better or for worse. I think that is the best part about the “family fishing” style of operation. You actually care about and enjoy the whole gang on and off the boat. For the most part, lol. The last time we went out when everyone was here, we were sitting at a table together and Bryan, our main guy, said, “I want to still be sitting here doing this when we’re all 60.” Just warms your heart and makes you grateful.

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