A Total Mental Shutdown

I realized tonight that I haven’t posted in almost two weeks!  How did that happen?  I could swear it had only been a few days…  yet another example of how dysfunctional my brain has been as of late.  I’m not really sure who or what I should try to blame for this malfunction, but I will say our house has been slightly chaotic lately.  We had to tear out the ceiling and insulation in one room of our house where the roof has been leaking and was moldy.  Yesterday we had a tree service take out two large trees in our back yard.  Zed has been back and forth between here and Neah Bay, he’s still crabbing, still making money thankfully because we have a leaky roof to replace!

I was going to attempt to write a long masterpiece of a post tonight, but instead I think I’ll just write an apology and an IOU.  I’m tired as hell and my kids are not going to sleep.  I’m sitting outside their bedroom door right now so I can grab them every time they try to sneak out of bed (about every 3 minutes).   Atticus keeps calling out “Mom, is it morning yet?”  Ahhh, the joys of parenthood.  Since I’m having a hard time even spelling right now, I think I’d better cut this post short before I embarrass myself.   Hopefully my brain will restore itself and I will be able to post again soon!  Farewell…

One thought on “A Total Mental Shutdown

  1. Sweet dreams, Robin! (Assuming Atticus can start his own sweet dreaming, first!) I’m right there with you on wondering how the time disappears, but it sounds like you’ve had your hands more than full lately. I’m certain that your clever subconscious is busy germinating that masterpiece while you’re dealing with all of the daily demands. Take good care of yourself, and when you finally get to sit down and breathe, the words will be there waiting for you. Be well!

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