The Incredible Journey of the Dungeness Crab

When the F/V Pacific Hustler returned to Bellingham a couple days ago, I took Atticus and Larkyn down to the harbor to see their dad delivering his catch.  The kids had a blast watching the crab being offloaded, and they even got to help their dad drive the forklift.

These crab were caught off the Washington coast but their final destination is the live market in China.

Atticus standing in front of the F/V Pacific Hustler

Down in the hold

Hauling the crab up

Almost there!

The boys inspect the catch

Loading the truck

These crab are put in these big plastic totes with a cold wet foam sheet on top to keep the crab cold.  They will soon be flown to China, still alive… I wonder what the Chinese are paying for live dungeness crab from Washington State?


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