Here We Go Again: Another Black Cod Season

It is the start of another season of longlining on the Washington coast.  The F/V Pacific Hustler is ready to take off tonight (ETD midnight), taking my husband with it.  They will head South to Neah Bay on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula, and will be fishing up and down the coast from there.

Here she is, looking good with a fresh coat of paint.

I took the kids down to the boat today while the crew was loading up the groceries.

All the gear is ready to go and the hold is full of ice.

Fueled up.

Larkyn and Atticus tested out their dad’s bunk to make sure it was satisfactory… it looks a little cramped to me, but it met the kid’s approval!

Looks like I’m on my own again.  But if all goes well Zed will be back between trips, every week or two.  Not bad compared to what we are used to.

Good luck boys!  Stay safe and I’ll see you soon!

(I just had to add this photo of the strings of kites down at the park at the harbor today… beautiful!)


4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Another Black Cod Season

  1. Hello,
    I live in the Everson WA area and have been looking for a good fishing operation to contact for a crew position. I have 7+ years of long lining, seining, gill net, and pot fishery experience in Alaska. I have followed a different career path for some time, but need to come back to my calling. I really enjoyed Zed’s article on the change of the industry and how it has affected deck hands. In reentering the commercial fishing industry I need to talk to some local high-liners to set myself up right.

    I would like to speak with Zed, but I know he is off doing Black Cod per your last post.

    Any other local guys you can lead me to?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    • Chris,
      Zed will be home tomorrow and I’ll ask him to send you an email. I know it can be a tough industry to break into if you don’t have connections, so hopefully Zed will have some good leads!
      Good luck to you,

  2. i currently work at hightide seafoods in port angeles Washington and worked on the boat for them buying fish I would also be interested in working on a boat again even if I have to be in the hole unloading lol

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