The Weary Fisher-husband

My husband has returned tonight from his first blackcod trip of the season, completely exhausted from a week and a half of grueling 19 hour work-days and a 6.5 hour drive home.  He walked through the door, gave everyone a hug, threw his bag of stinky laundry on the floor, scarfed a couple plates of food, and passed out on the couch.

After getting the kids in bed, I tossed his fishy clothes in the washing machine on heavy load/extra rinse, cleaned the dishes, and headed off to write this post, leaving Zed still snoring on the couch.  Poor guy… after seeing how achy all of his muscles and joints are after longlining, I really don’t mind cleaning up after him.  In fact, it’s the least I can do.  I’m actually happy to do housework if it means I don’t have to go through what he does.

It’s just good to have him home.  When he is out on the water I have a constant sensation of anxiety, like a little nervous dog pawing at the back of my mind.  Fishing is dangerous and I can’t ever relax until I know he is on solid ground – then I can let out a giant sigh of relief, like I’ve been holding my breath for the last week.  So I will sleep soundly tonight, knowing Zed is safely sleeping on the couch downstairs.  Hopefully he gets fully rested tonight, because I’m going to send the kids down to jump on him in the morning (hehehe).


One thought on “The Weary Fisher-husband

  1. Glad Zed made it home safe…
    I know you said you were going to have him write me an email…
    360-599-4567 is my cell.

    After he is rested and loved up by the family of course.
    I do really appreciate it if he will speak with me.
    I know you guys don’t know me at all and that Zed’s time is valuable.
    I promise not to take much time…just looking for some solid crew position leads.

    Have a great day!


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