A Window into the Fishing World

The crew of the F/V Pacific Hustler, my husband included, is back in Bellingham between blackcod fishing trips.  They have been doing pretty well so far!  They brought back with them photos from the first trips of the season, so I thought I’d share a few of them.  Those of you who are/were commercial fishermen might be used to images like these, but for myself (who does not venture onto fishing boat unless they are docked) photos like these let me see into a world that is completely foreign to me.  Plus, I like to see what my husband is doing during all that time he is away from home.

First the line goes out with the baited hooks...

a tub of line and hooks, baited with squid, all ready to go

then the line is pulled back in... hopefully with fish on all the hooks!

a black cod breaking the surface

that's my husband, holding up his paycheck... good job honey!

Jordan shows his gratitude to two lovely black cod

all lined up on the table, ready to get chopped!

Captain Al with his son Zach, baiting hooks

and the work doesn't stop just because the sun goes down!

That’s pretty much the whole story.  The crew is headed back down to the boat in the morning to start their 4th trip of the season.  We are just keeping our fingers crossed that they can keep up the pace and finish up the season soon.  Then Zed can have some time off to spend with his family!


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