Blackcod Season Ends With a Bang

Zed and the rest of the F/V Pacific Hustler crew caught the last of their blackcod quota about a week ago and headed North to deliver their load in Bellingham.  I’m pretty sure that I was more excited for them to be done than they were.  The kids have been driving me CRAZY and I need a break!  Unfortunately, our to-do list has gotten out of hand, so I hardly got to see my husband before he flew to New Orleans today to look at a couple of fishing boats that he’s thinking about buying (more on that later).  So booooo, I’m on my own again and trying not to be bummed out about it.

On a positive note, the Pacific Hustler had it’s best set EVER on the last trip of the season – a great note to end on.  Here are some photos taken by various members of the crew.

No, they didn't catch these - just a documenting the sea life.


First it rolls one way...

...and then the other way.

not the greatest weather

but the birds don't seem to be bothered

rockin' and rollin'


Al with a flailing blackcod on the line

a sea lion trying to steal a snack

the vast Pacific Ocean


hit the jackpot!

Zed at the rail, swimming in fish

the view from above

Zed and Remo working at top speed

That's one happy crew!

"we just made a lot of money!"

the fish is on ice in the hold, time to head home!

Don’t worry, Zed shaved off that beard after he got home.  He was trying to keep growing it until Halloween so he could be Abe Lincoln (or a giant leprechaun) but he didn’t last that long.  He hates having a beard, and I can’t say I’m crazy about him having a beard either.

So, now that the blackcod season is over it is time to start thinking about dungeness crab… if everything goes well, Zed could be running his own boat this year!  We are opening a new chapter in our lives and it’s very exciting – wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Blackcod Season Ends With a Bang

  1. Live in Sitka, married to a longliner and troller for 20+ years. Love the blog. No kids, just three dogs. It is certainly a life off the grid for those who don’t know it.

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