Good News for the Blues

Ok, I realize it has been over two weeks since I last posted anything, and I apologize.  We have desperately been trying for the past few weeks to buy a fishing boat but I didn’t want to say too much about it until our plans were a little more solidified.

Last month we had a different boat we were trying to buy, and it was almost in the bag when the deal fell through at the last minute.  That was very disappointing, but we accepted it and moved on.  Then Zed spotted a boat in Alabama that caught his eye.  He flew down a couple weeks ago to check it out and it turned out better than he had hoped.

So we have been working every angle to make this sale work for us.  Because we got burned last time, I didn’t want to say anything this time until I felt confident enough to state…”WE ARE BUYING A BOAT!!!”  Well, maybe I should say “we are TRYING to buy a boat!” but it seems like it will work this time.  Yes, after weeks of loan applications and paperwork and finagling it looks like everything is coming together (thanks to enormous amounts of help from family, friends, co-workers, and from the seller of the boat).  Let me tell you, it has not been easy – this last month has been a stressful one, but I feel confident that we are making the right decision.

there she is, the Little Skinner (soon to be renamed)

If all our loans fall into place as they should, we will have a crazy-insane scramble to get the gear ready, get the boat ready and drive it from the Gulf of Mexico, down through the Panama Canal, and up the West Coast to Washington.  And all of this has to happen before the start of the dungeness crab season…  AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

I have to admit, the scale of this whole deal is a little terrifying.  We are taking on a huge debt and a huge risk, but at the same time it seems to be the logical next step in our lives.  Zed has been working as a deckhand for sixteen years now and has enough experience to run his own boat.   I think we are ready for this!

With the sale not being final, I hate to get my hopes too high, so for now I will keep my fingers crossed.  Hopefully I will be posting VERY good news VERY soon!

picture this, cruising through the Panama Canal...


5 thoughts on “Good News for the Blues

  1. Oh, Robin! While I certainly understand the terror, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the Blues, too, and sending many good boat-acquisition thoughts into the universe. You make a great point about Zed deckhanding for the past 16 years… Comes a time when it’s time to have that independence. Yes, being the boss comes with an entirely different beast of financial worry, and you lose any notion of “off-season” to maintaining your boat, but the pride and autonomy are worth it. And she’s a lovely looking boat! And what an adventure you’ll have bringing her up here! My best wishes to all the Blues on this one, and will look forward to your updates.

    • Thanks Tele,
      I’m not looking forward to all the extra boat work (and bookkeeping for me), but I figure since Zed is usually gone most of the year on other people’s boats, he might as well spend the year working on his own boat.
      I wish you luck with your writing and marketing your book this Winter!

  2. Congratulations!!! I wondered if “something” might be up when I read someplace that Zed was in Alabama. This is great news and I agree, a brave and logical next step for you all! Yay! Can’t wait to read more about the journey…

    • Yeah, I just hate to talk about our plans until I know it’s REALLY going to happen. But it’s happening! Zed is going to fly back down to Alabama soon to start some shipyard work on the boat before we drive it around.
      Is it a crazy idea to bring the whole family on a month long boat trip through foreign waters? We’ll see…

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