Dungeness Crab for the Holidays

In our family we are currently gearing up for the Dungeness Crab season and the Holiday season at the same time, so it is only natural that I am thinking up some crab recipes to serve at Christmas and New Years parties this year.  Dungeness crab might not be traditional Christmas fare, but it doesn’t need to be the main course – bite sized crab appetizers served with some bubbly would be a nice way to keep your guests happy (just the thought of it makes me happy!).

This is a very simple recipe that could be prepared quickly,

I recommend using english cucumbers.  Want to make them look prettier? -top each cucumber slice with a little leaf of dill or parsley.  Any type of small cracker would work, but if you want to make these gluten-free, use rice crackers.  I have quite a few friends and family members who are gluten intolerant, so I would make these with rice crackers.

I’m working on some more holiday seafood recipes, so stay tuned in the next couple weeks …


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