Alabama to Panama: A Photo Journal

I’m too tired to write anything coherent so I’ll just post these few photos from the 6,000+ mile route that our fishing boat recently traveled between Bayou La Batre, Alabama and Bellingham, Washington.   Since there are so many photos, I’ll start with the Alabama to Panama leg.

being lowered into the water after 4 months of shipyard

leaving the south

still leaving the south

yep, still in the south

rough seas

lovely sunset at sea

this is what my fantasies all look like…

look at that blue-green water!

catchin dinner


racing the dolphins

I wouldn’t mind living on one of those sailboats…

lining up to enter the canal in Colon, Panama

Panama and US flags flying

Justice on deck, inside the canal

the gates are opening… or maybe closing, it’s hard to tell

at the locks of the Panama Canal, behind a beast of a ship

these are “mules”, electric locomotives that run on tracks and help guide ships through locks

the locks on the Pacific side of the canal

crossing under the Centennial Bridge

Here is a video of our boat going through one of the locks on the Pacific side, taken by crew member Justice Cousins.

If you would like an animated illustration of the entire canal and lake system, watch this short video…



2 thoughts on “Alabama to Panama: A Photo Journal

    • It certainly was! I just wish I could have gone along for part of it, especially the parts with sunshine and sandy beaches… not much sunshine here in the Northwest these days:(

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