15 Minutes of Fishing Fame

Last month a reporter from National Fisherman magazine contacted Zed and I because he wanted to write an article about the crazy experience we had buying and fixing up our fishing boat and driving it half-way around the world and through the Panama Canal. We thought, why not?! Even though our story so far contains more regrets than successes, we figured we could endure a little embarrassment if other potential boat-buyers out there could learn from our mistakes. (Lesson #1: Inspect boat THOROUGHLY before buying)

To make a long story short, the September issue of National Fisherman just came out with our boat, the Robin Blue, on the front cover!

The photo on the cover was taken after 4 months of shipyard work

The author of the piece, Michael Crowley, was very kind to tell our story in such a positive light. Thanks Michael!

If you want to read the full article, you will have to find yourself a copy, but Here is a link to National Fisherman if you would like to read an excerpt from the article.

A short side note… a reader of the magazine recognized the Robin Blue as his father’s first fishing boat from when his family lived in Louisiana. He searched online, found my blog and left me a nice note. His family fished for shrimp with the boat for years and then sold her in 1998. It was nice to hear that our first boat was once someone else’s first boat and that she has a long history of supporting fishing families!

Here is the Robin Blue in her previous life as the Buddy Boy (thanks for the photo Daniel)

This is what I love about blogging most of all – the connections I make with individuals from all over the world, with very different backgrounds and life stories, that I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Here she is in Alabama after her transformation, awaiting departure

22 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Fishing Fame

  1. That’s so exciting. I usually pick up a copy of the magazine. Now I have to. Congrats on the publication! And that’s so cool someone was able to recognize the boat as their own family’s boat. What a history…

    • Amanda, I’m not sure but you might be able to get it at a big news stand. Here in Bellingham it is sold at all the fishing supply stores. Or you can subscribe to it on their website, nationalfisherman.com.
      Good luck!

  2. Very nice how you included the Buddy Boys story into Robin Blues story. I have a good feeling y’all will have a great future with the boat.

    • Kayla,
      My little boys love helping out on the boat too. It’s such a special way for a kid to grow up, and it teaches them a strong work ethic too.
      Like I told Daniel, if you or any of your family are ever in the area we would love to show you the boat and all the changes we’ve made.

  3. That is so cool, I always knew you guys would be famous. what stories you will be able to tell when you become grandparents!!

    • You do indeed have an article in this month’s issue, and it’s a mighty hilarious one too. I can totally relate. Our fridge died a few years ago when Zed was out fishing and I had to replace it on my own. He still hasn’t forgiven me for getting a fancy one.

  4. Oh, this is fantastic, Robin – big congratulations! Joel and I know all too well the mixed feelings of sharing stories of our fumbles, but they’re always the best stories, the most relatable, and end up having happy endings. You guys deserve all these kudos, and what a great keepsake of your origins with the Robin Blue! Proud of you, buddy.

    • Thanks Tele,
      We have definitely learned a lot throughout this whole experience! Glad to hear things are well up North. I hope the rest of your season goes even better!

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  6. I hope you still answer your blog. My name is Eddie, Buddy (Buddy Boy) is my brother in law. We live next door to each other. A friend of mine was talking about the old boats from the bayou and of course I told him about the new “Buddy Boy”. I’m curious to how it and y’all are making out. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You

    • Hi Eddie,
      As you can see I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, but I still reply to comments! The Buddy Boy (now the Robin Blue) is doing just fine. She spent this last summer tendering in Alaska and at this very moment she is catching dungeness crab off the Washington coast. We have put a lot of work into her over the last three years and I’m happy to say she’s running great! I’m planning on re-starting this blog soon (I took a break when I had another baby last year), and I’ll be posting new photos and updates on our fishing adventures.
      Thanks for checking in!

      • Thank you for the response. Congratulations on y’all new baby. I wish your family and the Robin Blue the best of luck.

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