We’ve Only Just Begun!

– Just a brief update on our Dungeness crabbing situation –

The F/V Robin Blue, along with Captain Zed and his crew, made it down to Westport, Washington on January 24, just in time for the start of the 2013 Washington coastal crab season.  That was less than two weeks ago.  A few obstacles have presented themselves already, but nothing Zed can’t work around!  One deckhand badly sprained his ankle after the first trip.  Luckily we had a fisherman friend lined up to take his place.  A mechanical issue prevented the hydraulics from functioning (meaning they couldn’t haul pots) during the second trip. Zed has been working on it for the past couple days and it is almost fixed!  Some bad weather here and there (normal for this time of year) will hopefully get better by later in the week.

Dan, Rick, and Sam setting pots on the first day

Dan, Rick, and Sam setting pots on the first day

We are a little disappointed and a little frustrated by the obstacles that have been preventing Zed from getting out there and kicking some serious crab butt… but we are happy with the number of crab we are getting when everything is actually functioning.  Overall, we are grateful to be where we are today and we are looking forward to a productive rest of the season!

And stay tuned for a delicious Chinese dungeness crab recipe, coming later in the week…

My boys, doing a little "whale watching" at the Squalicum Harbor

My boys, doing a little “whale watching” at the Squalicum Harbor



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