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My name is Robin Blue.  I am the wife of a commercial fisherman (Zed), and the mother of two little boys, Atticus (6) and Larkyn (4).  Zed fishes the Pacific Coast from Oregon to Alaska catching Black cod, Halibut, Dungeness crab, Salmon, and sometimes King Crab and Opilio Crab.  I am partially employed as a freelance artist, writer and teacher, but most of the time I stay home with our kids while Zed is gone fishing (most of the year).  Commercial fishing is a difficult lifestyle in which to raise kids or maintain a marriage, but we make it work the best we can.

In this blog I comment on important issues and current events in the commercial fishing industry, I cover Zed’s life on the boat, but mostly I stick to my side of the story- raising a family and holding down the fort while my husband is out to sea.

27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m very proud of you both, and I love you all more than you’ll ever know. Keep writing and loving, and kiss the boys for me. Mom

  2. Hi Robin,

    I just stumbled across your blog via Jen’s blog Highliners and Homecomings. I love it! Especially all the recipe sources. Have you check out Fishes and Dishes blog? They have a recipe book out, pretty good eats in there.

    Thanks for the shout out on your blog, I love how these things work!

    Catch ya on the flip side,


    • Hey thanks Jen,
      I love your blog! You’re a great storyteller and it’s so refreshing to hear about commercial fishing from the female perspective.
      Isn’t it great how many connections you can make through blogging with people you would never cross paths with in the real world?!
      Keep it up,

      • You we asking about fresh crab. Dungeness,are out of season right now but I get fresh Red, Golden and Blue King crab also Opilio- snow crab, Bardie crab out of Dutch Harbor
        I am getting Winter King Salmon when I can get some to go fishing in the freezing weather, ice cuts your lines.
        God Bless
        Captain Everett
        Good God. Alaska Seafood and Wild Game.
        1624 Tongass Ave. Ketchikan, AK 99901.
        Email: goodgod@kpunet.net Phone/Fax (907)247-8000
        Visit http://www.goodgodlobster.com
        deadliestcatch.ning.com/Captain Everett

  3. This is fantastic, Robin! Love your action photos, and what an awesome job you’ve done of wild seafood advocacy, sustainability, and resources for folks unfamiliar with our work. I’m still a newborn baby at this blogging business – two weeks in since Hooked’s inception, tomorrow night – and would love to keep an eye on your work as a model, as I find my way through wordpress’s technical details.
    Cheers –

    • Tele, I’m still just figuring out this blogging thing as I go along (I’ve been doing it for about 5 months now), I think it takes anyone a while to get comfortable with it… but your blog is great already! My husband said he recognizes your boat from the Bellingham harbor – do you spend much time in Bellingham?

      • Well, sort of! We bought a house in Sudden Valley a couple years ago and are mostly based here Oct-April-ish, so have had the Nerka in Squalicum for short bits of that time. She’s spent most of the past 3 winters hauled out in Port Townsend, having major work done of all kinds (re-wired, new freezer system, poles/rigging, stern fuel tanks, etc.) I know you know how demanding boats can be… Bear the Boat Cat hasn’t enjoyed that aspect of this “off”-season, so I can only imagine the tough road you and Zed walk as a family. My heart goes out to you both, the challenges of making this lifestyle work as parents and partners.

        I’m impressed this has only been a 5 month project for you! Any special resources you used to learn, or just hands-on practice? I’ve got a big stack of “WP for Dummies”-type library books, but they don’t seem to be quite dummy-enough for me!

      • Honestly, I had to spend a lot of time (late nights after the kids went to bed) just fiddling around with different themes and layouts to find the one that worked best for me. The wordpress website actually has pretty helpful advice if you look in support or the Learn WordPress tutorials… I’m not especially computer literate, but if you ever have any questions, I could try to help!

  4. I too crab and longline with wife and 3 girls at home, it is a challenge and I wouldn’t ever want one of my girls growing up to marry a fisherman-we miss to much of the kids “moments”- also be careful if Zed is lookin at Puget Sound dungees , our case goes to Olympia court on 13 th. JD

    • JD
      yeah, it’s tough… we are starting to look into some other (non-fishing) options that would allow Zed to be home more. Zed has considered buying a Puget Sound dungee operation… what exactly is going on with the court case?

  5. Hi Robin,
    Great blog and esp love the photos. I have a project I’m working on and wanted to ask about some permission to use some of your photos. I’d really appreciate an email from you and I’ll tell you more about what I’m doing. Thanks! Carrie

  6. I was directed to your blog looking for a recipe but am just in awe of it and your writing. It’s well written and documented. I would love to link it on my blog and share it with many of my fishing friends (commercial and rec) with your permission. Thank you, Donna

    • Donna,
      Thanks so much for the compliment! I would love to have a link on your blog, and I would be happy to return the favor. It’s always nice to meet new people in the fishing community!

  7. Robin,
    Happy birthday! Carole told me yesterday. Has it really been 31 years? I have always tried to follow the tales of you and your sister. Best of luck on your new boat. I hope that someday I can meet your husband and kids. It has been a long time.

    • Craig!
      It has indeed been a long time. I have also followed your tales over the years, you certainly have had some adventures!
      Let me know the next time you are in the area, I would love to see you.

  8. I love you stories… I was looking for fresh crab to purchase and came across your blog! Where do you live?? I am in Port Angeles!

    • Judi,
      Thanks for your comment! I live in Bellingham. Did you get a lot of snow in Port Angeles?
      When the Washington coast crab season starts next week it should get easier to find crab!
      – Robin

  9. Wow. Your families boat is a Beauty. I stumbled upon the picture of the boat on the front page of National Fisherman magazine. I thought it looked like my dads first boat he ever owned. I read on and come to find out the Robin Blue really is my dads old boat. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We lived in Yscloskey LA before hurricane Katrina. The boat was named Buddy Boy when my dad owned it. My grandpa, dad, and I spent a lot of time and caught lots of shrimp on that boat. I really love what your husband did to it and love even more that he is keeping it alive.

    • Hi Daniel,
      Yep, it is definitely the same boat, she used to be called Buddy Boy. Wow, that is so awesome! She was in pretty sad shape when we first bought her, but she’s running great now. She’s been catching dungeness crab and we are going to (eventually) set her up to do some other fisheries too, like albacore and blackcod.
      I’m so glad you found my blog! Do you have any photos of the boat from when your dad owned her? I would love to see some old photos…
      If you are ever in Washington you should come pay the old Buddy Boy/Robin Blue a visit.
      I’ll be posting lots of photos from our fishing adventures, so keep checking back.

      • I will for sure find pics of the Robin Blue when we owned it, i thought you may want to see some. My dad sold the boat when i was 12 in 1998 to some folks in Alabama. I know they never took care of it because a few years after he sold it we seen it again and didnt look anything like the boat we knew. For sure if we are around Washington we will stop by. I will be getting the pictures to you as soon as i can. There were some changes made to her from when we had it. The stern was reshaped the windows are different and few other things. Thanks alot for getting back to me.

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