Home at Last: The Robin Blue has Landed!

FINALLY!!!  After four months of shipyard work in Alabama, and almost two months on the traveling on the water, the F/V Robin Blue has arrived at her new home of Bellingham Washington.

The red line is the route of the F/V Robin Blue

This map above shows the path of her journey, starting out in Bayou La Batre, Alabama on February 28, 2012 and arriving in Bellingham, Washington on April 29, 2012.  Total miles traveled: 6,100!  What an adventure!

The boys and I were in the harbor, waiting on the dock when they came around the corner and we spotted the boat for the first time!  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we all were as she pulled up to the dock.  There have been so many times in the last six months when I doubted whether this day would ever come.  It has been an insanely long six months for all of us – Zed, away from home, madly working through all of the many obstacles that came at us – and me on my own, at home with the kids and dogs, trying to keep our lives and loans in order.

We were so excited to explore our boat for the first time and It feels great to have our family together again.  (By the way, that’s Justice in the above photo pulling the boat up to the dock – the only man to stay on the boat for the entire journey!  Thanks Justice, you’re my hero!)

The hard work is far from over though.  No relaxing yet!  Now we have to get her ready to fish so Zed can go out and try to salvage what’s left of the dungeness crab season.  I still feel stressed, but I can at least breathe a little easier knowing my husband and the boat are home at last!!!

Coming soon – lots of photos, videos and stories from the voyage!

14 thoughts on “Home at Last: The Robin Blue has Landed!

    • Thanks! It’s very exciting, but very scary at the same time. Lets just say, it will be very nice to get her fishing and finally have some money coming in, after six months of it pouring out.
      But thanks for your moral support. It is nice knowing there are people out there cheering us on!

      • Thank you very much ! I am really excited about it all! I cannot wait to see what is to come ! I think I am fit just right for the lifestyle ! Thank you for stopping by my page its really amazing some of the people out there and the story’s we all have to share ! Thank you Tom Jr

  1. So the Robin Blue arrived last week, a major step successfully accomplished. Yes, in the fishermen’s life, it’s a beginning, with more to follow. Think of the day when the past bills are paid off and the fishing proceeds can go straight to the bank!

    Family and fishing. It’s a compelling saga. Keep up the good work.

  2. Big congrats to you, Zed, and the boys for weathering the winter/spring apart, Robin! Good on you for making it through, and may there be smoother seas ahead for the Blue family. The boat’s beautiful, and I’m cheering you all on!

    • Thanks Tele!
      I am fully prepared for the first couple years to be a rough road, but I have faith it is going to get easier at some point…. isn’t it???
      I hope fishing’s been good for ya!

  3. Robin,
    I’m local to Bham, and have a few crabbing business questions for Zed. Would it be possible for him to email me? Just starting out, and found your blog.

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