Happy Diwali, everyone!

Just got home from a family outing to Vancouver, BC, where we went to celebrate the Indian “festival of lights”, Diwali.  Music, dancing and food, woohoo!   Vancouver is an awesome city- very multi-cultural, which to me means… delicious food!  We had Thai food for lunch, Indian food for snacks, and Chinese food for dinner.  Although I’ve never been to China, I imagine our dinner was pretty authentic, and in the spirit of adventure, we ordered the jellyfish appetizer.  It was pretty good!  The texture is sort of what one would expect from a jellyfish.  Slightly chewy, but soft at the same time.  The restaurant served it steamed (I think?) and sliced like noodles with sesame oil.

So, to all you fishermen out there…  Jellyfish aren’t always a curse!  They can be a delicious appetizer as well!

jellyfish noodles


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